About Us

We’re a national provider of medical billing review and reduction services.

Our Story

Co-Founder Matt Moulakelis faced the challenge of medical debt after his father suffered from a near-fatal heart attack in 2013. $156,000 in surprise bills prompted a question. What if these bills are incorrect? Over $100,000 in savings later and DisputeBills was born. Now, an advocate for patients nationwide, DisputeBills has become a leader in medical bill review and reduction services.

DisputeBills Mission

Our Mission

Our number one goal is preventing medical debt. Our mission is much larger.

Clarity. Medical billing and health insurance is a complex process, often leaving patients with an inaccurate bills, stress, and a lack of faith in the healthcare system.

Transparency. No more confusion. Know exactly what you owe and why.

Peace of Mind. Not only will we reduce your medical debt, we will reduce any stress that comes along with it.

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