April 19, 2016

[Case Study] How Mary Lynn Saved $3,100 On Her Medical Bills

How DisputeBills Saved Mary – Lynn $3,100 On Her Medical Bills

how disputebills saved mary lynn thousands on her medical bills


Meet Mary Lynn.  A Chicago-area resident and victim of error-based medical debt.  Now, a happy DisputeBills.com customer.

“I recently found myself being in the unfortunate and uncomfortable position of being on the verge of a local hospital sending me collection for a $3,100 balance they said I owed from an ER visit a few months ago.

I was taken by ambulance and didn’t understand why it wasn’t being covered. After speaking with both the hospital and my insurance without any results, I read about this new company DisputeBills.com in the Tribune recently and gave them a call. Within 2-3 weeks, I had major results. NO balance and instead, I am now putting new counter tops in my kitchen. I would recommend to everyone. It was a very fast and efficient process.”

  • Savings of over $3,100
  • Resolution in just two weeks
  • No collections or damage to her credit
  • Brand new kitchen countertops!

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Brian Keane
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Brian Keane

Director of Marketing at Disputebills.