June 23, 2015

Chicago’s Medical Billing Negotiation Platform is Live

Negotiation service can lower consumer medical bills in just five minutes.

CHICAGO – June 23, 2015 – With out-of-pocket healthcare costs expected to rise by 11 percent in 2015, and an estimated 80 percent of consumer medical bills entered in error, Dispute, a national medical billing negotiation and advocacy service, launches today to address growing health care financing concerns.  By combining technology with experienced medical billing advocates, the company offers a destination for consumers to initiate a medical billing dispute and lower outstanding costs. Dispute will be one of the first and largest service providers in Chicago and launches after a two-month market test that yielded astounding results.

“It’s a simple strategy, we lower your medical bills, or you don’t pay” says Tim Buhay, VP of Operations at Dispute. “The fact that 80 percent of bills contain some sort of error is a staggering number, and one that we want to lower. Negotiating and fighting medical bills is half the battle. The other half is preventative.

For consumers facing high out-of-pocket costs, Dispute provides an easy-to-use claim initiation service that matches every single customer with a dedicated and experienced billing advocate.  The Dispute initiation process can take less than five minutes, with results ranging anywhere from less than three days, up to three months for larger or more complex cases. With nationwide operations and advocates across a variety of medical specialities, the company maintains its ability to service any client. With a hire rate of only two to five percent of applicants, Dispute employees are rigorously qualified for the job.



Dispute was born as a result of its founder’s personal experience, who watched as a family member faced more than $40,000 of out-of-pocket costs following a sudden heart attack and subsequent surgery.

“The number of middle income Americans turning down medical care due to cost, is absolutely startling, says Buhay. “Due to the complexity of navigating healthcare and the personal experience of one of our founders, we felt compelled to surround ourselves with like-minded healthcare professionals and begin advocating for consumers.”


About Dispute

Dispute, Inc. combines technology with a national network of experienced medical billing advocates to provide a destination for consumers to reduce financial stress by disputing costly medical bills. Customers anticipating major medical events or high out-of-pocket costs can choose an hourly advisory option, which assists in ensuring the proper utilization of benefits, or a contingency plan that requires a fee only if outstanding bills have been resolved. For more information, visit www.disputebills.com.

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