September 10, 2015

Dispute Partners with the American Association of Caregiving Youth

Dispute, one of the nation’s fastest growing providers of consumer medical billing advocacy and negotiation services, today announced a new partnership with the American Association of Caregiving Youth (AACY). Through this partnership, the AACY will be able to recommend Dispute’s personalized review and consultation services for families facing medical expenses. This partnership is designed to give relief to AACY and AACY families by leveraging Dispute’s national network of experienced medical billing advocates to identify potential cases of overbilling, error, and fraud.

Dispute launched in response to a national increase in out-­of-­pocket costs and provides an easy ­to­ use claim initiation service that matches every single customer with a dedicated and experienced billing advocate. The Dispute initiation process takes less than five minutes and has achieved a 93% case success rate, an average total bill reduction of 70%, and initiation to resolution timeline of two weeks to date. Services apply to both already accrued debt as well as current, unpaid medical bills.

“As a current caregiver, I can understand the challenges that individuals and families face when caring for a family member or friend,” says Dispute CEO Matt Moulakelis. “Dispute was founded through personal experience and driven by the belief that consumers, particularly children and teens can benefit greatly from experienced advocacy to help navigate healthcare.”

Dr. Connie Siskowski, AACY’s President and Founder states, “In addition to working directly with children who are being challenged to juggle caregiving, school and being a kid, AACY also works with the families of caregiving youth to assist and strengthen them to get or to stay whole in any way possible. Medical bills can get in the way and may even contribute to homelessness. We look forward to this new partnership to assist families with this challenge.”


About Dispute

Dispute, Inc. combines technology with a national network of experienced medical billing advocates to provide a destination for consumers to reduce financial stress by disputing costly medical bills.

Customers anticipating significant medical events or high out­of­pocket costs can choose an hourly advisory option, which assists in ensuring the proper utilization of benefits, or a contingency plan that requires a fee only if outstanding bills have been resolved. For more information, visit


About American Association of Caregiving Youth

The American Association of Caregiving Youth® (AACY) is a Florida-based 501 (c) (3) non­profit corporation that began serving the greater Boca Raton community in 1998. Today AACY is the only organization of its kind in the United States that solely addresses the issues surrounding the silent, vulnerable and hidden population, conservatively estimated to exceed 1.4 million children, who provide care for family members who are unable to manage life independently.

In addition to its successful Caregiving Youth Project, AACY is in an ongoing development of an affiliate network as well as the Caregiving Youth Institute. For more information visit


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Phone: 312­-624-­9171

American Association of Caregiving Youth Contact Information:
Phone: 561­-391-­7401

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