May 17, 2016

How To Get An Itemized Medical Bill

Learn How To get an itemized Medical bill.

[Video Transcript] – Hi everybody my name is Matt Moulakelis, I’m the CEO and Co-Founder of Today we’re going to take a moment and explain to you how and why you want to get an itemized bill after a procedure or doctor’s visit. Itemized bills are a key component to successfully Disputing a medical bill, it will show you line by line all of the codes you were billed for but it’s normally not given to you unless you request it…so here are a few tips on how to receive an itemized bill…step 1. check your provider portal,sometimes providers will give you a portal you can access as a patient, right within that portal you might be able to access that itemized bill…if that’s not available simply call your provider and explain that you want the bill, explain why you’d like to receive it…and they’ll probably send the bill in the email within 1 to 2 weeks. Take those itemized bills and compare them against your explanation of benefits and that’s going to give you the best opportunity to see if you were charged for what you actually received…those are our tips for successfully disputing a medical bill by receiving an itemized bill, good luck and have a great day!


Step By Step


1. Check Your Online Portal


2. Contact Your Provider


3. Compare Against Your Explanation of Benefits

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