September 1, 2016

The Top 5 Prescription Drug Savings Cards

The Top 5 Prescription Drug Cards You Should Be Using

More than $300 billion was spent on prescription drugs in 2015, which reflects an 8.5% increase from 2014. With no sign of prescription costs declining, many consumers struggle to afford the medications they need—whether they’re uninsured or facing high copays.

If you’re facing regular prescription costs with a hefty price tag, a prescription drug card can be an excellent option for getting the medications you need at a discounted price. With countless options available, making sense of which prescription drug card is best for you can be a challenging and overwhelming venture. To make the task easier, we’ve listed five reputable cards below.

The top 5 prescription drug savings cards


1.UNA Rx Card

UNA  is seen as the trailblazer of establishing unfunded prescription drug programs as a means to making prescription drugs more affordable to many consumers. UNA Rx saved its members more than $1 billion in medication costs in 2015, and is perhaps the most widely used and trusted prescription drug card out there. The card is free, and can be easily and quickly generated online and then used immediately. This card can be used by those who are totally uninsured or those who are underinsured alike.


2. Easy Drug Card

This is another prescription drug card that offers the ease and convenience of quickly creating your card online and being able to use it soon thereafter. Easy Drug Card offers helpful online features like its pharmacy locator and its drug pricing tool, as well as an app, which might be appealing for those who find mobile platforms more intuitive and for easy on-the-go use. This card is free, and can be used by those with no insurance and those whose insurance does not cover all of their medications.

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3.Partnership for Prescription Assistance

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance is genuinely invested in helping more and more people obtain the medications they need at no or low cost, and it’s evident through offerings like the organization’s informative newsletter, online tools and events that are held to build understanding of how to best use those tools. PPA is a highly collaborative operation and further helps to connect consumers with the pharmacies and discounted prescriptions available to them, as well as provides a breadth of additional resources and knowledge on health issues such as HIV and AIDS and Diabetes. PPA aims to connect consumers in need with the knowledge and resources most helpful to them, and as such offers a list of trustworthy prescription drug cards via its website.


4. Better Rx Card

Pure and simple, the folks at BetterRxCard were well-positioned opportunists who were out to help others, and so became the Better Rx discount card in 2010. This card offers all the features of its fellow list-making cards—quick and easy to create and download or print at home, free, and widely accepted. BetterRxCard also offers an email list sign-up through which you can receive a heads-up on ways to save money on top of with your discount drug card.


5. Good Rx

The Good Rx endeavor was borne of passion for bringing transparency to the complex world of purchasing prescription drugs. The Good Rx enterprise’s mission overall is to help consumers determine and locate the prescription drugs they need at the lowest price, but Good Rx also offers a tool for creating your own prescription drug card. You do have to wait for this card to arrive in the mail, but a temporary, printable card is immediately available for your use in the interim.

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