July 9, 2015

Top 10 Personal Finance Blogs for “Beginners”

Whether you’re a 20-something or a 30-something, Gen X, Y, or Z, check out these personal finance blogs that focus on helping anyone looking to start managing their finances smarter, not harder.


1. Budgets Are Sexy

If you’re new to the personal finance game, you might be under the impression that bills are boring and managing them is even worse. Start reading Budgets are Sexy and that illusion will quickly be shattered. Site founder J. Money provides everything on his website from budget templates to personal interest posts on financial success stories, all while remaining “a personal finance blog that won’t put you to sleep.”


2. Get Rich Slowly

Featured in Time and Money magazines, Get Rich Slowly is characterized by J. D. Roth’s long-term, goal-oriented focus on saving and overcoming debt. Whether you’re looking to retire, invest, or just need to be more frugal, Get Rich Slowly can help you start making moves today that will pay off big time down the road. Popular articles include: 10 money mistakes to avoid in your 20s, Hidden advantages of savings accounts, and quick guide 30 days to better finances.


3. WiseBread

With 46.3K Twitter followers, WiseBread hits on a ton of different personal finance topics that spark all kinds of peoples’ interests and needs. “Living large on a small budget” can mean saving money on your summer BBQs, cutting down travel wi-fi costs, and even finding new uses for common household products. This legit blog has a huge variety of writers that specialize in different areas of personal finance. That means that when it comes to the things you want to save money on, you can bet that WiseBread has a tip for you.


4. Money Crashers

As “your guide to financial fitness,” Money Crashers can help you get your personal finances in order, and help you keep up with the national economy and bigger financial picture. Offering advice on topics from picking credit cards and gifts to buying real estate, the Crashers field articles from their writers with the focus of well-rounded personal finances for you.


5. Modest Money

Started by Jeremy Biberdorf, “an average guy facing an average financial situation,” Modest Money has over 33K twitter followers that get up to date advice on whether to save or spend their hard earned dollars. What started as Jeremy’s way to share his financial lessons and manage his own finances is now a great resource for others looking to be more financially responsible.


6. Good Financial Cents

Author of Soldier of Finance and founder of Alliance Wealth Management, Jeff Rose is a certified financial planner whose blog offers free advice on “how to dump your debt.” Good Financial Cents provides saving and spending information tailored to personal finance beginners of all ages. Whether you’re just out of college or nearing retirement, if you want to get a good start on managing your finances, start with Good Financial Cents.


7. MoneyNing

With a section of his site dedicated to popular money saving coupons, its no wonder MoneyNing is a fast growing personal finance blog. Focused on emboldening readers to take action and take charge of their own finances, founder David Ning, has cultivated a blog that offers advice, not personal anecdotes. This no-nonsense blog offers savings on everything from wifi to airfare and will guide you to a “frugal state of mind.”


8. Financial Samurai

Helping you “slice through money’s mysteries,” Financial Samurai offers guides to becoming your own funds manager. Recently getting the spotlight from big time publications like The Wall Street Journal, LA Times, and Chicago Tribune, Financial Samurai is focused on helping you learn what you need to know in order to master your financial universe. Recent articles range from Creating A More Defensive Investment Portfolio With Bonds to Disadvantages of the ROTH IRA, emphasizing the Samurai’s educational empowerment movement.


9. Money Under 30

Started in 2006 by David Weliver, Money Under 30 gives “free, approachable and non-judgmental financial advice for young professionals” according to the site. As the name suggests, the information found on Money Under 30 is targeted towards millennials. But thanks to David and his team of writers who do a great job simplifying complex financial decisions (like choosing a credit card) with the aim of teaching finance beginners, this blog is a great start for all ages.


10. Young Adult Money

Offering tips on how to get more money into your pockets, Young Adult Money, consists of strategies for earning, spending, and saving your money wisely. With the goal of addressing the wide variety of financial situations faced by millennials, the blog boasts posts like 5 Financial Goals Everyone Should Work Towards and 3 Real Ways to Work From Home Full-Time. Some personal finance blogs tell personal stories of overcoming debt, while others focus on educating financial beginners. Regardless of which blog style you prefer, the important thing to take away from this list is that there is a wealth of knowledge available to you as you make and avoid mistakes in organizing your personal finances.

Mariah Raynor
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Mariah Raynor

Mariah is a Content Marketing Writer and student at the University of Chicago.

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