December 14, 2016

How Law Firms Are Becoming More Efficient With The Use Of Medical Bill Experts

How Law Firms Are Becoming More Efficient With The Use Of Medical Bill Experts

At DisputeBills, our medical bill experts have helped many law firms become more efficient. In fact, we may be able to save your legal practice both time and money. Even better, we can help support your practice so that your clients receive the best possible services available. By saving money for your clients, you can be confident that the positive reviews and client referrals will keep rolling in. Specifically, our medical bill experts offer nationwide services to help law firms in the following three areas:



  • Medical Bill Review: Unfortunately, a large percentage of medical bills contain errors. A report published in the Wall Street Journal concluded that up to 80 percent of American medical bills may contain at least some errors. This is a truly alarming figure. To put this figure into perspective, Healthcare IT News, reports that medical patients may be overcharged as much as $250 billion each year. This is unacceptable. Even worse, medical bill errors can be difficult to rectify. Sadly the billing process is so complex and opaque that it leaves many people completely confused. The lesson here is simple: Expert medical bill review is critically important in all cases. Our bill review experts use our proprietary technology to help ensure that your clients’ medical bills are completely accurate.


  • Medical Bill Reduction: While medical bill review and audits are important, they are not the end of the process. After conducting a comprehensive review, our medical bill experts can help negotiate on behalf of your client to help them reduce their outstanding bills. Ultimately, our experts are looking for solutions that will ensure that your clients are able to maximize their financial interests. Once errors or unfair overbilling is spotting, getting the issue correcting can be challenging. However, our team knows how to get it done.


  • Hospital Lien Resolution: Medical bill negotiation and reduction is most important in cases involving hospital liens. The review and settlement of hospital liens can be time-consuming and it simply may not be the best use of your law firm’s finite resources. Outsourcing that task to our experts can help both your clients and your firm save money. Further, under the American Bar Association’s Model Rules, your firm can outsource the task of lien negotiation and resolution and can still seek a full expense reimbursement for those services.


A Law Firm Should Be Able Focus on Providing Legal Services

Dealing with legal questions is complicated enough. Ultimately, your law firm will be able to best serve the interests of your clients by focusing your energy and attention on their legal problems. By outsourcing some of the more time-consuming administrative tasks, such as medical bill review and negotiation, your firm will be able to deliver better results for your clients. That is where we can come in. To learn more about what the medical bill experts at DisputeBills can do for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team today.

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